Meet the stars of the Noor Family Series!

Introducing a new line of modern Islamic children’s stories being developed to support the teaching of traditional Islamic values! NiSa stories are intended to teach basic concepts to children, such as the importance of kindness, honesty, and faith in Allah.

Our stories, offering entertaining tales that allow children to make connections with the characters and situations, are created to help support parents and teachers send positive messages to children about living a moral life, while also fostering intellectual discussion at an early age.  

With a focus on Islamic morals derived from the Holy Quran and Sunnah, parents and Islamic school teachers can introduce Islamic concepts through stories that bring about thoughtful conversations in an age-appropriate manner.

Let’s get reading — and talk about it!

Our stories support sharing values, and help to offer guidance for challenges children face today in their daily lives.  The stories focus around a family of characters, and include relatives as well as friends and other community members from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each story is followed by selected relevant sections of the Quran and Sunnah, and a variety of discussion questions to get parents and teachers started.

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The Special Edition

Also see our special edition of the Noor Family Series, Ramadan with The Noor Family. This is an extended story that can be read in parts, and be used to introduce and discuss many of the basics of Islam and the Holy Month, weaving in lovely ideas for children to get involved and celebrate this very special time for Muslims!


A special thank you to Diwan and Al Shorouk Booksellers for carrying our books in Egypt!