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Ramadan with the Noor Family

Ramadan with the Noor Family

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This story is a 50-page, hardcover picture book – a special edition of the Noor Family Series, starring Adam and his sister Sara - in which they come to learn important basics of Islam, and Ramadan in specific. In this loving family story, Bassel and Mona teach their children over the course of the holiday season, answering questions and helping them celebrate with fun activities and gatherings with the whole extended family. The book is set in short chapters, so it can be read in one sitting by older children, or can be read in parts to younger children. Reading sections of Ramadan with the Noor Family can be a great way for teachers to begin classroom sessions in the weeks leading up to Ramadan. It can also be used as an excellent resource for those outside the Islamic community interested in understanding the basics of the religion.

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